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25th Beijing International Music & HiFi Show Report

Founded in 1994, the Beijing International Music & HiFi Show now in its 25th year, took place from 7th to 9th of September in Beijing, China. As with previous years, the venue for the show is at The Westin Beijing Chaoyang.

Beijing International Music & HiFi Show

Spanning across seven floors, segregated into seven zones, one of which is headphones and portable gears.

Porta-Fi was on-site and here’s what caught our ears and eyes.

Ambient Acoustics

Ambient Acoustics AM24 In-Ear Monitors

Ambient Acoustics brought their latest work, the AM24 which features 24 balanced armature drivers in each In-Ear Monitor. Available in both custom and universal variants, the AM24 has left us wondering what’s next after 24. Though we are of the opinion that the IEM might be a bit dominating on the high-end.


Bopro Freedom M3

Bopro from Taiwan showcased its Freedom M3 360° Hi-Res smart speaker. Spotting an 8 speaker configuration in a patented acoustic design, the speaker delivers an omnidirectional 360° soundstage, making every spot a “sweet spot” where you can enjoy the same quality sound at every position.


DUNU's Switchable Connectors

For some reason, we missed DUNU’s switchable connector in the shows in Hong Kong and Guangzhou. The unique connector which allows one to change between 2.5mm, 3.5mm and 4.4mm connectors using an auto-locking mechanism. Having been users of DITA’s awesome plugs, we must say that DUNU’s implementation of the switchable connector is easier and more intuitive.

DUNU DK-4001 In-Ear Monitors

Also on show is the DUNU’s latest IEM, the DK4001 which features 4 Knowles High-Frequency Balanced Armature Drivers and a single 13mm Beryllium Diaphragm Dynamic Driver configuration. The DK4001 is probably the best sounding IEM we heard during the show.

Flicker Ear

The Hong Kong-based CIEM manufacturer was founded in 2017 with the highly acclaimed Peter Wong of PW Audio Cable as one of the team members. Named after constellations, Flicker Ear’s offerings feature a special pure copper cable developed by Peter Wong exclusive for the Flicker Ear range.

Flicker Ear Mensa In-Ear Monitors

At the show, the company introduced its latest Flagship, the 10 balanced armature driver Mensa. Exhibiting a unique sound signature, Mensa depicts a focus on vocals with natural airiness. A niche tuning which might surprise many.

Lark Studio

Lark Studio Palette and Packaging

The China-based IEM Manufacturer is a new player, however, its core team is made up of 3 members with a combined experience of 18 years of experience in the audio industry between them. Even the most junior member has more than five years of experience.

Lark Studio LSX 10 CIEM

After two years of preparation, the LSX 10 is the team’s first IEM which features a 10 balanced armature configuration. The LSX 10 exhibits a warm sound signature with a midrange that is rich and lush. It speaks volume of the team’s competency in tuning.

Module Audio 

Module Audio HC-07 Open-backed Headphones

Module Audio from Taiwan showcased three headphones during the show. What impressed us was its Flagship, the HC-07, which features a dual dynamic driver configuration. Using point source as its key design concept, the pair of open-backed headphones was able to provide a soundstage that is impressive via a unique placement of drivers.

Goh Beng Yeow
Goh Beng Yeow
Goh Beng Yeow, the Founder / Editor at Porta-Fi™, is a recipient of the IT Youth Award in Singapore. Twice nominated for EY Entrepreneur of the Year Awards, Beng Yeow has previously founded startups such as PDALive.com, Coded Pixels Consultants and was a Tech writer for TODAY, a national daily newspaper under MediaCorp. Since 2017, he has been writing, editing and producing commentaries, interviews, news and reviews on Porta-Fi™. In 2019, Beng Yeow was appointed Advisor to LHDC™, the industry's latest low latency and high-definition Bluetooth audio codec.

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