Affiliate Links Policy

In our content, we include links to buy products from Amazon and AliExpress.

If you click on one of these links, the URL contains an ID code identifying product links from our website. As part of Porta-Fi’s affiliate programs, the retailer then pays Porta-Fi a small percentage of the money you spend.

Porta-Fi is currently part of two affiliate programs: Amazon Associates and AliExpress.

The inclusion of affiliate links does not influence the editorial direction of our product coverage. We are committed to evaluating products with utmost integrity, and the inclusion of an affiliate link should not be interpreted as a product endorsement.

If you would like to avoid Porta-Fi affiliate links, refrain from clicking the product links in our stories and instead search for the recommended product and purchase from the retailer of your choice.

Affiliate links are one of the ways that Porta-Fi funds its journalism, alongside digital advertising, brand partnerships, consulting and events.