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Aiken Technology releases Feel Buds with new noise-cancelling technology


Aiken Technology has announced its first Bluetooth earbuds, the Aiken Feel Buds, which debuts the Orlando-based company’s new Improved Noise Cancelling (INC) technology.

Unlike existing Active Noise Cancelling technologies (ANC) which rely on either the Feedback or Feedforward approach or a hybrid of both, Aiken Technologies’s INC technology works with two external microphones and an in-ear microphone.

The first external microphone monitors ambient noise, the second external microphone monitors frequencies and angles that differ from the first, and the in-ear microphone monitors what the user hears. The INC controller processes the inputs from the three microphones via the company’s proprietary AI-based algorithm to perform noise cancellation before delivering the audio signal to the 10 mm dynamic driver.

Improved Noise Cancellation - How it works.
Image credit: Aiken Technology

Eve Ai will also support the company’s debut True Wireless Stereo (TWS) offering. This AI-based companion app uses the voice interface to control different tasks and third-party applications such as Spotify, Google Home and Google Calendar.

Aiken Feel Buds feature Bluetooth 5.3 with AAC, SBC and LDAC Bluetooth codecs support.

The Aiken Feel Buds is currently on Kickstarter. Early bird supporters will receive a pair of the TWS at USD 99.



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