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Audio-Technica unveils its First Flagship Store in Southeast Asia


Audio-Technica unveils its First Flagship Store in Southeast Asia. Termed “Listening Tree-House”, the store sits in the centre of the “Tree of Life” at Funan in Singapore; with a 3D rendered tree bark as the centrepiece of the store, tying the entire concept together.

Over the past 57 years, the brand has expanded extensively – yet they never lost sight of their founder’s original vision: “Quality Audio for Everyone”. In view of this philosophy, the Flagship store opening in Funan will showcase an experience like no other. The “Listening Tree-House” will offer interested audio professionals and enthusiasts alike, a look into the world of Audio-Technica.

The first step into the boutique will feature an analogue set up with enthralling insights into Audio-Technica’s passion for turntables and cartridges. In addition, the company is debuting a number of turntables and record cleaning accessories. It is now easier and more enjoyable than ever to get started with high-quality vinyl playback. All the turntables have sleek styling featuring front panels with rounded corners and inset control buttons.

A turn to the left of the store will bring one to our showcase of high-fidelity headphones, carefully handpicked for the audio aficionados. Our reference headphones deliver natural high-quality sound with deep resonating bass and vocal projection.

To complete the experience, one is immersed in a wireless journey for the comfort of a cord-free and fuss-free music indulgence.

Audio-Technica’s “Listening Tree-House” is located at 03-K10 of Funan, in Singapore.


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