Audirvana, the maker of Audirvana Plus, the reference hi-fi audio player currently available for the Mac OS, announced the launch of its Windows 10 version catering for the other spectrum of PC owners. Highly anticipated, the Audirvana Plus for Windows 10 will feature a totally redesigned user interface is designed to take Audirvana Plus to an even wider audience.

Audirvana Plus

Created by Damien Plisson and acclaimed by users and audio specialists around the world, Audirvana Plus has quickly been recognized as market’s reference player, enabling music lovers who have a Mac to replace iTunes and dramatically improve the sound quality of their music library.

“As a music lover who’s always looking for the best sound quality, I am very happy to present this new product, Audirvana Plus for Windows 10, which allows PC owners to enjoy their music with the sound quality they dreamed of, ” said Plisson.

New Features of Audirvana Plus for Windows 10

Audirvana Plus for Windows 10 has the same benefits as Audirvana Plus 3.2 for Mac OS, while offering Windows users a new, and wonderfully intuitive and fluid interface. Audirvana Plus for Windows 10 also offers the latest developments, such as:

  • New “View by Artists” in addition to those by Tracks, Albums
  • Direct selection of the audio device on the main Interface
  • Redesigned search engine
  • New mini-player

Other Features of Audirvana Plus for Windows 10

In addition to these latest innovations, Audirvana integrates the existing benefits of Audirvana Plus for Mac into Audirvana Plus for Windows 10, including:

  • Playback of all the popular audio formats, including Hi-Res audio files such as FLAC, WAV, AIFF, DSD, and the new MQA format
  • Integration of Qobuz and Tidal HiFi Streaming Services
  • Remote control with the A+ Remote app
  • Compatibility with network players that properly use the UPnP/DLNA standard

The Audirvana Plus for Windows 10  will be available in June 2018, with the estimated USD74/ €64 excluding taxes.

AUDIRVANA PLUS - Coming soon


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