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AVIOT introduces TE-BD21f True Wireless in Singapore


Japanese audio brand AVIOT has announced that it will be introducing the AVIOT TE-BD21f, the world’s first Triple Hybrid Driver True Wireless Stereo (TWS) in Singapore.

AVIOT TE-DB21f True Wireless Stereo

Created with the objective of challenging the pinnacle of Japan’s TWS offerings, the AVIOT team has put together an advanced acoustic Triple Hybrid Driver design comprising of a single Dynamic Driver and two Balanced Armature drivers developed over a period of 2 years with a listening test of over 3,000 hours. The challenge of a Triple Hybrid Driver design lies in the difficulty to design and miniaturize crossover circuits while implementing integration and power-saving technologies to realise a small product that is great in battery life.

Recognised for its innovation in its Triple Hybrid Driver design and its ability to realise high-resolution audio playback, the TE-BD21f has been awarded the highly acclaimed VGP Special Prize by the lifestyle subcommittee during VGP Summer 2019 as well as the VGP Gold Award for True Wireless (between JPY 15,000 to 25,000) during VGP Summer 2019 and VGP 2020.

Adopting Qualcomm’s latest SoC, the QCC3020, the AVIOT team realised a continuous playback of up to 7 hours with a lightweight body of only 5.4g for each side of the TE-BD21f. The TWS also supports TrueWireless Stereo Plus, Qualcomm’s propertiary standard which allows the left and right earphones to communicate independently, making them resistant to jamming and enabling more stable playback when paired with a compatible smartphone.

Like all TWS, the AVIOT TE-BD21f is equipped with a charging case. Sleeky designed, the charging case weighs in at just 51g and has the battery capacity to provide up to 3 charges for the TWS, allowing up to 25 hours of playback.

To challenge the pinnacle of Japan’s TWS offerings, the AVIOT team has left no stones unturned, combining high-frequency circuit design technology and mounting know-how, the built-in antenna of the AVIOT TE-BD21f is newly designed to allow the minimising of disruptions even in places where the radio wave environment are severe. The team also ensured that the knurled part of the earphones users discerning parts that are carved out of pure duralumin, not only does this provide a good feel to the product, it also reduces the effects of external noise.

AVIOT also collaborated with SpinFit to develop CP355 which is included with the standard package of the AVIOT TE-BD21f.

Released on the 9th of August, 2019 in Japan, the AVIOT TE-BD21f has been sold out for months in Japan. The AVIOT TE-BD21f will be available Black and Silver in Singapore from mid-December at an SRP of SGD 289 at selected authorised resellers.


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