AVIOT TE-D01g True Wireless Stereo Review


Japanese audio brand AVIOT recently released its latest True Wireless Stereo (TWS), the AVIOT TE-D01g in Singapore. A brand of Tokyo-based Value Trade Co., Ltd., AVIOT stands for Audio + Visual + Internet of Things. With the AVIOT brand, the company seeks to develop audiovisual products which would enrich people’s lives through the Internet of Things (IoT) and in the process disseminate the Japanese cultural values and ideals with a focus on Asia.

Since 2018, AVIOT has placed its focus on the development of wireless earphones with its first three True Wireless models, TE-D01a, TE-D01b and TE-D01c and a Neckband Wireless model, WE-D01b successfully released in September 2018.

On the 10th of May, 2019, AVIOT launched the TE-D01g which have since received the VGP Gold Award for True Wireless (under JPY 10,000) category. Let’s take a look at this latest offering from AVIOT.

AVIOT TE-D01g True Wireless Stereo

Design and build

Developed with the concept of a palm jukebox, the TE-D01g is the company’s attempt to deliver the latest technologies in a form factor that fits comfortably in the one’s palm. Measuring 44mm (W) x 45mm (L) x 30mm (D), the case weighs in at about 39.1g with each earphone weighing in at about 4.6g, bringing the whole package to just about 48.3g.

The cubic design of the TE-D01g fulfils the concept of a palm jukebox, its compactness can be visualised when placed in the palm of one’s hands. The case is designed with its hinge on the right and opens in a manner similar to that of a zippo lighter, it is compact but it is also thick which might be uncomfortable for some.

Opening up the case, one is greeted by the charging bays for the earphones which when in proximity would pull them in place for charging, a common feature amongst True Wireless offerings today. When charging, the LED on the earphones will light up in orange and turns off when charging is complete.

The TE-D01g is also the first AVIOT model to feature a USB Type-C charging port, previous models from AVIOT all featured the Micro-USB charging port. The move to USB Type-C is a positive one as it is now a common standard used by the majority of the current generation of portable devices for charging and data communication, what this means is that there is no need to bring that extra charging cable if any of your portable devices use USB Type-C.

Located below the hinge of the charging case, the placement of the charging port is ideal and provides significant space to plug in a USB Type-C cable. On the opposing end, one would find 4 LEDs indicators which communicate the current battery capacity of the case when charging the case as well as when the earphones are interacting with the charging bays in the case.

The earphones are small and ergonomically designed, weighing just 4.6g each. Unlike the TE-D01d, the TE-D01g does not require ear fins to prevent the earphones from falling off, the fit is secure and there is no sign of the earphones loosening even when wearing them while aqua jogging. Yes, the TE-D01g earphones are IPX7 rated, therefore are protected for immersion up to one metre for a maximum period of 30 mins. Having said that, the charging case is not, so do be careful when one handles the charging case near water.

Internally, AVIOT implemented the Qualcomm QCC3020 on the TE-D01g, instead of the QCC3026 implemented previously on its earlier models. Many would assume that since the TE-D01g is an entry-level model, the choice of implementing the QCC3020 is down to a lower cost. However, that is not the case. According to Qualcomm, the QCC3020 and QCC3026 are identical with the sole key difference being QCC3020 is available in Very Thin Profile Fine Pitch Ball Grid Array (VFBGA) package while QCC3026 is available in Wafer Level Chip Scale Package (WLCSP). Both are in ultra-small form factor, optimised for Qualcomm TrueWireless Stereo Plus, coupled with Bluetooth 5 radio and 24-bit audio interfaces. With BGA package being preferred in most electronics implementations with a lower yield loss, I believe we will see future products from AVIOT using the QCC3020.

Available in four colours, namely Black, Ivory, Navy and Pearl White in a glossy finish which is susceptible to fingerprints, the interior of the case is finished with a different colour in a matte finish.

Out of the box, the earphones are each equipped with a standard silicone M size ear tip. Included in the box, you will find two pairs of standard silicone ear tips (1 pair of S size and 1 pair of L size), two pairs of urethane foam ear tips (1 pair of S size and 1 pair of M size) as well as a USB Type-A to USB Type-C cable for charging purposes as well as the user manual and warranty registration card in Japanese.

Part 1: Introduction, Design and Build
Part 2: Usability
Part 3: Sound Quality
Part 4: Product Specifications
Part 5: Review Ratings, Summary


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  1. Went through the review of this newly launched yes, would love to try them but not unless they are launched in the Indian market.

  2. A great review. I bought this before reading this review. I see the author mentions aqua jogging and that’s one reason I bought this. But I found that with my iPhone XR which is also BT 5.0 capable, reception was spotty even within a 5 meter range. Having said that, I’m now also tempted to try the TE-D01d and see how that sounds like.

    • Thank you. 5 meters should be OK, unless there are a lot of interference, I have yet to test this on a iPhone XR so I cannot comment.


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