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Axiom by Effect Audio Unboxing

Axiom by Effect Audio Unboxing

The Axiom by Effect Audio, a newly developed line of In-Ear Monitors (IEMs) by the Singapore-based audio brand. Debuting on the reference-grade IEMs, the MU interchangeable modules are based on the brand’s patent-pending MU system.

Join Beng Yeow to find out more as he unboxes the Axiom by Effect Audio.

0:00​​​ Intro
0:16 About Effect Audio and the road to Axiom
1:17 Starting with the product specification
2:25 More about the MU System
3:18 Unboxing proper starting with the unsealing of the package
3:36​​​ Checking out the external sleeve
5:12 The start of the actual unboxing
6:55 Laying out what’s in the package
9:02 Taking a closer look at the monitor unit
10:09​​​ Demonstration of the swapping of the interchangeable MU module
13:51 Like, subscribe, set the notification bell and​ outro



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