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DD unveils C-M11 Genuine Leather Case for FiiO M11


DD unveils the C-M11 Genuine Leather Case for FiiO M11. The offering from DD differs to that of the SK-M11 by FiiO. The FiiO SK-M11 uses a bottom-up slip-on method while the DD C-M11 uses a side slip-on method for a full enclosure. The design prevents the device from slipping out when connecting plugging in headphones or Type-C USB connectors. Coupled with the thickness and elasticity of the material used by DD will offer better protection for the device, particularly at the 4 corners.

DD C-M11 Leather Case for FiiO M11

The team also designed an inlet at the interior of the case to allow the flip of the side cover to be inserted properly in the case without adding a bulge which can unsightly as well as increasing thickness of the case.

The full enclosure design also caters for better usability, differing from the bottom-up slip-on method which envelopes the device tightly. The design allows the device to be holster into the case without it needing to be tightly wrapped around the case, it lessens the frequency accidental pressing of the buttons as well as accidental scrolling of scroll wheel on the left side of the device. The case also sport an ellipse-shaped cutout for the scroll wheel.

Material wise, unlike the FiiO SK-M11 which features PU leather, the DD C-M11 will only be available in genuine leather. At launch, the company will release the DD C-M11 featuring Waxed leather in a unique dark greenish blue finish similar to that of a ripened avocado.

Waxed leather is a robust smooth leather or nubuck leather, to which a waxy finish is applied. Often these waxes are also dyed and therefore such leathers have a slight risk of dye transfer. Due to the soft and scratch-sensitive finish, the leather quickly gets a vintage-patina, which is the desired effect. The patina often arises from folding, scratching and stretching.

The company has disclosed a second variant featuring Napa leather will be released later this year, also in the unique dark greenish blue finish, however, unlike the Waxed leather, the Napa leather will exhibit a matte finish with finer texture details.

Napa leather, originally named after the Napa Valley, California, USA is known particularly for its smoothness and supple softness. Today, it is a collective term for almost all smooth leather of all animal species and uses, used by many manufacturers to describe leather of particularly good quality or a special softness.

Priced at USD 39, the waxed leather variant of DD C-M11 is now sold out and the napa leather variant will be released soon.


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