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Effect Audio releases ConX


Effect Audio today announced the release of ConX, an ingenious solution for the audio enthusiast. With a choice of interchangeable connectors (0.78 mm 2-pin, A2DC, MMCX and Pentaconn Ear), one can now screw on the matching top-end connector for your chosen pair of IEMs into to the socket on your preferred cable, effectively maximising the playability of your arsenal of IEM cables.

Effect Audio ConX
Image credit: Effect Audio, Additional artwork: Porta-Fi

Effect Audio shared with Porta-Fi that the development team is aware of the perception of increased resistance due to the implementation of an interchangeable system. The team rigorously tested various metal composites to achieve the best possible performance for ConX to deliver the brand’s level of sound quality. According to the founder, Zou Suyang, “The performance of ConX exceeds most of the direct connectors from established manufacturers in the market, we hope ConX will be a game-changer.”

ConX will not be exclusively available for Effect Audio cables. Enthusiasts are welcome to send all cables, regardless of the brand to be re-terminated with ConX. A re-termination fee of USD 30 applies.

Available online from Effect Audio and its authorised retailers globally from today, ConX is priced at USD 50 and will be packaged with a set of 0.78 mm 2-pin, A2DC, MMCX, Pentaconn Ear top-end connectors and a securing tool.



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