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Effect Audio unveils Cleopatra II

Singapore-based audio cable specialist Effect Audio has unveiled Cleopatra II, the successor to Cleopatra, the pure silver offering of its highly acclaimed Heritage Series. The latest offering is available in four variants across two versions. Namely, the Versatility Version featuring the Cleopatra II, Cleopatra II OCTA variants, and the Performance Version featuring the Cleopatra II OFC 4.4 and the Cleopatra II OCTA OFC 4.4.

The two-version release of the Cleopatra is aligned with one of the three key objectives that were defined when conceptualising the brand’s latest pure silver offering, with the Versatility Version terminated with TermX Basic (2.5 mm, 3.5 mm and 4.4 mm) for versatility and the Performance Version terminated with Pentaconn OFC 4.4 mm plug for performance. It fulfils the objective of choice for audiophiles regardless of their priorities.

The second objective revolves around evolution. In-Ear Monitors (IEMs) have evolved significantly over the years with an array of driver design configurations in the pursuance of better sound quality; the Cleopatra II will demonstrate the brand’s focus in its new Heritage Series offering toward delivering a synergistic match to what they call Multi-Brid IEMs.

Breakthrough is what the third objective is all about: pushing the boundary of the “Traditional Silver Sound” by deploying a dual geometric design where one wire geometry captures details. At the same time, the other embodies warmth and volume, seeking to allow Cleopatra II to capture clarity with a surprisingly smooth Analogue experience.

It was shared with Porta-Fi that the Cleopatra II is the first of three cables to be introduced for the Heritage Series, each with a different approach in advanced cable geometry design while retaining the synergistic implementation exhibited.

Effect Audio Cleopatra II
Image credit: Effect Audio

As part of the Heritage Series lineup, both versions of Cleopatra II are equipped with a set of custom-created full Titanium Y-Split and Termination with a matching carrying pouch inspired by the iconic hair braids of the Queen of the Nile.

Effect Audio Cleopatra II
Image credit: Effect Audio

Priced from USD 999 (SGD 1,499), the Cleopatra II will be available for pre-order from today at Effect Audio and all authorised retailers.

Technical Specifications:

– Selected Premium UP-OCC Silver Litz
– Proprietary Dual Geometric Design
– 26 AWG 4 Wires / 8 Wires
– Individually Enamelled Strands
– EA Ultra Flexi™ Insulation
– ConX® & TermX™ Interchangeable Connector/Plug System

Goh Beng Yeow
Goh Beng Yeow
Goh Beng Yeow, the Founder / Editor at Porta-Fi™, is a recipient of the IT Youth Award in Singapore. Twice nominated for EY Entrepreneur of the Year Awards, Beng Yeow has previously founded startups such as PDALive.com, Coded Pixels Consultants and was a Tech writer for TODAY, a national daily newspaper under MediaCorp. Since 2017, he has been writing, editing and producing commentaries, interviews, news and reviews on Porta-Fi™. In 2019, Beng Yeow was appointed Advisor to LHDC™, the industry's latest low latency and high-definition Bluetooth audio codec.

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