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Effect Audio unveils Fusion 1

Marking the debut of the new Fusion Series


Effect Audio has unveiled Fusion 1, a new cable debuting a new Fusion series of cables. Its design philosophy is inspired by the seven ancient wonders first chronicled by the Greek historian Herodotus.

According to the Singapore-based audio brand, the team seeks to merge the concepts of sonic immersiveness, eye-catching luxury, apparent dynamism, durability and flexibility by combining a never-before-seen number of materials and variations in the brand’s history.

Effect Audio Fusion 1
Image credit: Effect Audio

The Fusion 1 combines many materials utilising multiple strands and geometries with an all-new blended construction technique different from the brand’s other cable series.

Seeking to represent a unique fusion of the virtues embodied by each of the seven ancient wonders, the latest offering feature the highest amount of material variations ever implemented in the brand’s history – a luxurious dual blend of Gold-plated Silver alongside pure Silver and a carefully calculated ratio of close to half a dozen variations of Copper, which include an improved ergonomic Solid Copper Core.

Image credit: Effect Audio

Featuring alternating spirals of rose gold and bright, light gold patterns, which allow the beauty of the majestic pure Silver to shine forth. The aesthetically beautiful Fusion 1 seeks to be a head-turner in its physical form and sonically.

Technical Specifications

  • Selected Premium UP-OCC Material Gold Plated Silver Litz, Pure Silver Litz and Pure Copper
  • Litz Hybrid Proprietary Tri-Strata Layering Fusion Mix
  • 40 Multi-sized Core Bundles with a new Solid Core Design
  • Customized Multi-sized Strands Blend
  • 21 AWG 2 Wires
  • EA Ultra FlexiTM Insulation
  • ConX® & TermXTM Basic Sets Interchangeable Connector/Plug System

The Fusion 1 retails at USD 999 (SGD 1,499) at Effect Audio and its authorised retailers.



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