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Effect Audio unveils the Axiom and Axiom XP IEMs

Effect Audio today unveiled via a live stream on Facebook the Axiom and Axiom XP In-Ear Monitors (IEMs), the products behind a two-month-long “What is the X?” mystery campaign on social media.

Both IEMs will feature the Singapore-based brand’s patent-pending modular design system named “MU”, which are the initials for Modular Unit. The MU system allows one to connect either MMCX or 0.78 mm 2-pin terminated cables to the IEMs via an interchangeable connector component.

According to Effect Audio, the Axiom and Axiom XP are conceptualised and designed with a keen focus revolving around three themes, namely, “Experience”, “Sustainability”, and “Versatility”.

“Experience”, the Axiom journey begins with the unboxing; one would be greeted by the Chinese character 玺 (Xǐ), which symbolises the Seal of the ancient Imperial Court bearing attributes of strength, power and authority to empower every Axiom user. As one unboxes the Axiom, a unique scent with a hint of citrus and white flowers will bring about an air of neutrality, confidence and earthiness naturally formulated using natural tea leaves by Singaporean tea maker Gryphon Tea Company. Each Axiom will also feature a collectable story card produced with Singaporean artists Soph O and SKLO.

“Sustainability”, the shell of the IEMs are made from eco-friendly aluminium alloy, which is infinitely recyclable. Using a 5-axis Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining process to meet the tight tolerances required, every Axiom is uniquely crafted and allows for minimal material wastage. Furthermore, the Axiom and Axiom XP is probably the first passive pairs of IEMs in the market to be intentionally packaged without a stock cable, allowing one to pair the IEMs with their existing cable collection. With the brand’s patent-pending MU system, it doesn’t matter if the cable is terminated with MMCX or 0.78 mm 2-pin.

“Versatility”, over 400 high-precision 3D scans and ear impressions are analysed to optimise the ergonomics of the Axiom, which centres around a sculpted nozzle, CNC machines from a medical-grade titanium alloy which is hypoallergenic and robust. Tuned to be as neutral as possible while maintaining linearity and transparency, the Axiom is designed to allow users to craft and shape their preferred sound using cables and pairings.

The Axiom and Axiom XP feature a 2-way Balanced Armature (BA) and Dynamic Driver (DD) hybrid configuration with the BA drivers supplied by Knowles. The critical difference between the two models is that the Axiom sports a 12 mm magnesium DD with LCP suspension, while the Axiom SP sports a 12 mm beryllium foil DD with LCP suspension. In addition, the IEMs will be accessorised with a Hetian jade faceplate, and the two models differentiated with a matte finish and a polished rose gold finish, respectively.

The Axiom is now available for pre-order, with deliveries starting mid-November with the Axiom XP is currently scheduled to be released in early 2022. Prices for the Axiom and Axiom XP are USD 1,499 and USD 2,388, respectively, with the latter subject to further confirmation.

Goh Beng Yeow
Goh Beng Yeow
Goh Beng Yeow, the Founder / Editor at Porta-Fi™, is a recipient of the IT Youth Award in Singapore. Twice nominated for EY Entrepreneur of the Year Awards, Beng Yeow has previously founded startups such as PDALive.com, Coded Pixels Consultants and was a Tech writer for TODAY, a national daily newspaper under MediaCorp. Since 2017, he has been writing, editing and producing commentaries, interviews, news and reviews on Porta-Fi™. In 2019, Beng Yeow was appointed Advisor to LHDC™, the industry's latest low latency and high-definition Bluetooth audio codec.

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