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ESS Technology introduces the new ES9039PRO Flagship DAC chip


ESS Technology today introduced the new SABRE® ES9039PRO Flagship Digital-to-Analogue Converter (DAC) chip. Based on the fourth generation of the company’s patented Hyperstream® modulators, the ES9039PRO provides eight Flagship level ultra-low noise digital conversion channels with a dynamic range (DNR) of +132 dB, -122 dB THD+N per channel and +140 dB DNR in mono mode.

According to ESS Technology, this latest generation of the Hyperstream® IV improves audio performance while consuming significantly lower power compared to the previous generation. This audio performance improvement translates into less digital noise inside the device, allowing for the vibrant nuances of the audio to be more “real”.

The company also introduced the ES9027PRO, which provides eight channels of digital conversion with a dynamic range (DNR) of +124dB per channel and -112dB of THD+N.

ES9039PRO and ES9027PRO with built-in stereo hardware MQA renderer were also introduced. Named ES9039MPRO and ES9027MPRO, the two variant offerings reinforce ESS Technology’s positioning as the only company to have an MQA hardware renderer in Silicon.

The Sabre ES9039PRO & ES9027PRO series can accommodate a multitude of input interfaces, including TDM, I2S, LJ, RJ, DSD, DoP, and S/PDIF. They can also be programmed using multiple input methods, including I2C, SPI, and a new hardware (HW) mode, for ease of programmability.

Outstanding acoustic performance is achieved using pre-programmed filters that are ideal for preserving time-domain performance, hence the best imaging and most accurate signal preservation possible. The ES9039PRO series also feature programmable FIR filters for the most discerning audio enthusiasts and customers.

It was shared with Porta-Fi that these new SABRE DACs are designed for the most demanding of equipment, including audiophile gear, audio mixing consoles, pro audio equipment, audio processors and test equipment.

The ES9039MPRO & ES9039PRO DAC chips are available in a 64 pin QFP package, while the ES9027MPRO & ES9027PRO DAC chips are available in a 48 pin QFP and QFN packages.


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