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Fender announces new Pro Audio In-Ear Monitors Offerings in Singapore


Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC) has partnered TC Acoustic to announce the launch of its newest and most advanced line of Professional In-Ear Monitors (IEMs) in Singapore.

TC Acoustics Christian with Fender's Dale Lott

Over a listening event at Zepplin & Co., the launch was graced by Dale Lott, the original founder who invented the IEMs at Fender.

Designed and hand assembled in Fender’s audio design lab in Nashville, Tennessee, the Pro IEM series is created to deliver what musicians require to perform at their best. Featuring innovative driver and housing designs which Fender claims would deliver the most precise, authentic, lifelike and full frequency range. This coupled with the Digital Hybrid Technology (DHT) housing which is 3D-printed in Nashville and interchangeable tips for a near-custom fit, the series is designed to withstand the rigors and demands of live performance.

Breaking away from the common belief  that better sound performance is the result of inserting as many Balanced Armature (BA) drivers as possible into an IEM configure, Fender has forged a new path developing a hybrid driver technology that utilises low-frequency enhancing dynamic drivers (DD) to work in tandem with the standard higher-frequency enhancing BAs, thus opening up the entire frequency spectrum for artists, so they can hear and feel the music with precision. The depth from the DD together with the accuracy from the BA brings every note back to professional musicians, allowing them to deliver their best performance.

“As an authority in sound and tone, we’re creating a platform to serve today’s sound engineers, performers and audiophiles – some of the world’s most critical users of In-Ear Monitors,” said Justin Norvell, SVP Fender Products. “Designed and assembled in Nashville, the designs in this new Pro IEM line feature unique innovative hybrid technology marrying dynamic drivers and balanced armatures – with our most advanced model, the THIRTEEN-6, offering a 13.6mm driver and six balanced armatures. The unique hybrid technology offers an articulate full-frequency and high-fidelity sounds you can feel – which makes all the difference in the moment on stage.”

The Pro IEM Series Models include:

  • NINE-0 (1 x 9.25mm DD) SGD 169
  • NINE-1 (1 x 9.25mm DD + 1 x BA Hybrid) SGD 399
  • TEN-3 (1 x 10mm DD + 3 x BA Hybrid) SGD 1,299
  • TEN-5 (1 x 10mm DD + 5 x BA Hybrid) SGD 1,799
  • THIRTEEN-6 (1 x 13.66mm DD + 6 BA Hybrid) SGD 2,999


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