FiiO Link – A First Look

FiiO Link

FiiO Link via FiiO Music App with FiiO M6 via Bluetooth

When FiiO unveiled the M6 last week, it announced the inclusion of FiiO Link. Porta-Fi takes a look at what the functionality offers prior to its release.

A companion functionality, FiiO Link allows users to remotely control their FiiO DAP as well a synchronised view of the playback through their smartphones via Bluetooth. FiiO Link is built into the FiiO Music App and will be made available on Android during the launch of the M6. Availability on iOS will be at a later date.

To pair your smartphone to your FiiO DAP via FiiO Link, one must first enable “FiiO Link” under settings in the DAP, and then select “FiiO Link” under settings in the FiiO Music App on your smartphone, select client and pair with your FiiO DAP on the list of available devices.

FiiO Link

On the control aspects, FiiO Link allows one to:

  • Control playback and volume adjustments
  • Browse through Song Title, Artist, Albums, Genres and Folders on your FiiO DAP
  • Create, modify or delete the playlist
  • View details of the audio file that is being played
  • View lyrics of the audio file that is being played

The FiiO Link will initially be available on the FiiO M6 with the company committing that the functionality will be available to the FiiO M7, M9, X5III, X7 and X7 Mark II via a firmware upgrade at a later time.

More than one functionality added

FiiO Link is not the only functionality added to the upcoming update of the FiiO Music App, the team has also added a new functionality “Theme” which allow users to set and even customise the background and display cover on the FiiO Music App.

Theme on FiiO Music App

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the FiiO team for sharing the pre-release version of the upcoming update of the FiiO Music App for Android with Porta-Fi.

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