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FiiO releases new firmware for X5III, X7, X7 Mark II


FiiO releases new firmware for X5III, X7, X7 Mark II

FiiO’s software engineering team has released the latest firmware for FiiO X5III, X7, X7 Mark II. Touted as one of the biggest and most anticipated upgrades for the X series devices, the inclusion of the latest FiiO Music app brings the devices in alignment with the features found on the new FiiO M6, M7 and M9 which includes the AirPlay receiver function as well as some improvements and bug fixes to the existing operating system, these include:

  • Added gesture support;
    • This new gesture support is implemented to ensure better user interaction functionality with the updated FiiO Music app.
    • If you prefer the old navigation bar control, you can set it in Settings -> Display -> Enable Bottom Navigation bar)
  • Added AirPlay receiver function;
    • AirPlay can be enabled in the pull-down menu or in Settings -> Audio settings.
    • If the network connection cuts out automatically during use, you may try to set the ‘Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep’ option to ‘Always’ in Settings -> WiFi -> tap the more functions icon -> Advanced).
    • Click here for the tutorial about AirPlay function.
  • Fixed issue where the player would pause automatically if it’s connected with an RM1 Bluetooth Remote Controller and when the RM1 entered a sleep mode;

FiiO Music app

The FiiO Music app is now a standalone app which will update with your preferred software library i.e. Google Play. Features of FiiO Music app available to FiiO X7, X7 MKII and X5III include:

  1. Brand new interface and changeable themes;
  2. Supports FiiO Link;
    • The FiiO Music app on your Android phone should be updated to v1.0.7 (click here) or above if you want to use the FiiO Link function
    • Click here for the tutorial of FiiO Link function
  3. Supports HWA transmission;
  4. Supports ISO tracks in DST codec (single DSD tracks in DST codec are currently not supported)
  5. Supports Replay Gain;
  6. Supports WiFi song transfer;

Click here for the introduction of New FiiO Music APP in X5III/X7/X7MKII


  1. The support for the old version of FiiO Music app will be discontinued. And this new version will be updated in accordance with the standalone version (available in Google Play).
  2. The agreement of cooperation between FiiO and ViPER’s Audio has expired, so we’re afraid that the new version of FiiO Music will no longer have the embedded ViPER Effect plugin. However, we’ve been working hard on the dynamic EQ and will try our best to develop more audio effects.
    • If you have purchased the ViPER Effects and would like to continue using it, you may download the apk file of the old version, copy it to the player, and then install it through ES File Explorer (this will overwrite the new version). If you have any other questions, please kindly contact FiiO (email: support@fiio.com, Facebook: FiiOAudio).
  3. FiiO has changed the database structure of FiiO music, therefore the player will transfer data from the old database to the new one during the firmware upgrade. In order to prevent errors, the procedure will also scan the music kists during the transfer and remove the tracks that are not found in the storage. To ensure that the song lists are transferred in entirety, please remember to insert the SD cards to the respective card slots before updating the player. In case you prefer the old version of FiiO Music, click here to download.

Firmware download links: 

  • Click here USB DAC Driver (v4.47.0):
  • Click here Instruction of installing USB DAC driver on Windows computer



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