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FiiO unveils the FH9 In-Ear Monitors


Guangzhou-based audio specialist FiiO has recently unveiled its latest hybrid wired in-ear proposition, the FiiO FH9, displacing the FiiO FH7 as the new Flagship model of its FH In-Ear Monitors (IEMs) series.

The FiiO FH series of IEMs sports Dynamic Driver (DD) and Balanced Armature (BA) drivers in a hybrid design configuration. The latest offering on the FH series sees a single in-house developed 13.6 mm DLC diaphragm DD handling the low-frequency ranges and six BA drivers, all from Knowles handling the mid and high-frequency ranges.

FiiO FH9 - Internal Structure
Image credit: FiiO

The drivers are encased in a titanium alloy shell, each processed through a five-axis CNC machine from a single titanium alloy block. As a result, the FiiO FH9 exhibit a high build quality synonymous with the brand. In addition, the hypoallergenic titanium alloy provides comfort to the skin, allowing one to immerse easily in long listening periods.

The FiiO FH9 features a semi-open acoustic design incorporating the company’s patented system of balanced pressure relief between the front and rear cavities, significantly reducing pressure on one’s eardrums, allowing for fatigue-free listening with a more natural output.

Equipped with three interchangeable sound filters, the FiiO FH9 is pre-installed with the highly resolving detailed treble focus filter (black-banded). The other sound filters included are the enhanced dynamic bass focus filter (red-banded) and the clear, transparent, balanced timbre filter (green-banded).

Image credit: FiiO

Elsewhere, the stainless steel angled MMCX connectors are designed to enhance one’s wearing experience, together with blue and red indicators, promises a superior connection between the IEMs and the cable. Bundled with the FH9 is a high-purity pure silver cable with eight cores of 28 wires each, individually enamelled and braided into a Litz wire construction. The cable also features the interchangeable audio jack system licensed from FABRILOUS AUDIO LIMITED.

Similar to the company’s other Flagship offerings, the FiiO FH9 is bundled with 17 pairs of ear tips made up of three pairs of balanced silicone ear tips, three pairs of bass silicone ear tips, three pairs of vocals silicone ear tips, two pairs of foam tips, two pair of dual-flange ear tips and three pairs of SpinFit ear tips. Other accessories in the package include the HB5 carrying case, a magnetic cable clip, a cleaning brush, a stainless steel MMCX removal tool, the red-banded and green-banded sound filters, the 2.5 mm and the 4.4 mm interchangeable audio plug.

Image credit: FiiO

Available in titanium and black, the FiiO FH9 is priced at USD 599.99 and will be available in November from FiiO and its authorised dealers worldwide.


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