How we score our reviews

At Porta-Fi, we put all the gear under a rigorous set of tests to determine their value then break these tests down into broader criteria, covering Comfort, Design and Build, Functionality, Usability, Sound Quality, as well as Value in their respective categories.

All the gear is scored on a ten-point scale relative to the offerings available at the time of review for each device. Meaning if one is to compare a device reviewed this year against another, which was reviewed two years ago, one could see similar scores despite them being quite different.

Review Scoring Guide

10 – Brilliant

While no product is perfect, this score is meant for products that excel in every aspect, with perhaps few improvements to sharpen the edges. These products should be referred to as a benchmark for others to attempt to match or supersede.

8-9 – Excellent

Products that excel in many areas, contributing to an all-rounder experience, despite having a couple of flaws.

6-7 – Good

Products that are enjoyable with some defining features which leave a positive impression despite obvious shortcomings.

5 – Average

Delivers far less than it should, and need some work.

2-4 – Poor

Products that fall short in many areas. These products have no elements which make them stand out from other offerings, barely functional.

1 – Terrible

Products that one wish never existed. They fall short in every area with no redeeming qualities. Totally unenjoyable.

To determine the overall score, the reviewer weights each category score and any other consideration, such as unique features or functionalities. The overall score is not an average of the other scores.

Where benchmarks are used as part of the assessment, these are run at least three times to gain an average reading; any unusual outlier readings are discarded, and new tests are run if that occurs. The team is transparent about the benchmarks that we use and where they were run so one could understand how the team came to the conclusions.

While the scores reflect the value the reviewer assigns to the respective gear, there is and will always be a level of subjectivity to each review. Each review represents the work of a human individual and not a cold interpretation of the product specifications. If one has experience with a device, and it differs from ours, the team would love to hear from you. The team only reviews the device as we get them, so it is quite feasible that sometimes a hardware revision or a firmware/software upgrade may lead to a differing experience.