Japan Audio Society certifies LHDC™ for “Hi-Res Audio Wireless” certification

Hi-Res Audio Wireless Logo

Japan Audio Society (JAS) announced that it had certified LHDC™ as an audio codec for its “Hi-Res Audio Wireless” certification.

LHDC™ stands for Low Latency High-Definition Audio Codec. Compared with the SBC audio codec, LHDC™ allows more than 3 times the data transmitted and seeks to provide the most realistic and high definition of wireless audio.

The “Hi-Res Audio Wireless” certification can be granted to wireless connection capable products that meet the following conditions where the wireless connection is not be used inside a product or between the unit of product, i.e., left and right transducer.

  1. Wireless Audio Data Transfer shall connect products defined as Hi-Res Audio logo and the Hi-Res Audio Wireless logo.
  2. Wireless Audio Data Transfer shall use Audio Codecs, which are defined by JAS for this purpose.
  3. Wireless Audio Data Transfer shall not have enough bandwidth to transfer Digital Audio data defined at 96kHz/24bit.

Audio Codecs currently certified by JAS for its “Hi-Res Audio Wireless” certification are LDAC™ and LHDC™.

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