Sound Quality

For this section, the Starfield IEMs are paired with the stock cable and put through over 300 hours of continuous playback since they arrived. The above ensures during the review period, the sound characteristics of the IEMs have reached their maturity, and there would be little or no further changes.

Two portable set-ups were employed in this review.

  1. The Dethonray DTR1 Prelude player paired with its headphone amplifier companion HDA-HA2, through a Toxic Cables Silver Widow interconnect.
  2. The FiiO M6 music player paired with Venture Electronics RA2BL balanced amplifier (using its single-ended output)

Let me start by saying the Starfield IEMs has perhaps one of the most unique sounds in its class and price bracket (USD109.99).

MoonDrop Starfield In-Ear Monitors

Why is this so? Many IEMs in this price bracket (below and higher), have one thing in common, and that is to “do it all” and try to please everyone. End of the day, these IEMs become just one of the many “good but as good as the other” IEMs in this very competitive space.

MoonDrop’s Starfield is a brave foot forward distinguishing itself from the competition by offering something entirely different.

Once the Starfield rests in my ears and press play, I was greeted by a pleasant tuning that has a combination of an almost balanced and musical character.

The highs are crystal clear, yet easy on the ears and fade off inoffensively even on more harsher tracks (with electric guitars shredding). There’s an almost effortless feel to how the treble is done — relaxed yet very clear if it makes any sense.

The imagining and staging pretty good too and Kanas Pro users would be familiar with them, are also present in the Starfield. These are exhibited in the Enigma’s Callas Went Away track, where the running water, chirping birds, and childlike vocals panning from left to right and back.

It has an almost focused characteristic in the mids. The vocals features have a unique flavour that’s slightly sweet, lush and engaging, yet tends towards a bit more laid back. Nuances in the singer’s voice can be heard. The decay in the mids has a good trail, which brings you into the focus of the singer’s voice. The magic is when playing string instruments and piano tracks. With every pluck of the string or hitting the key, the music pulls you in slowly, and you’re caught in its rapture till the music ends.

The lows have more energy in the mid-bass region where the drums thump with short rubble without being in your face. Sub-bass is light, and I’d say more like the “subwoofer lite” effect. The bass hits and quickly fades off.

MoonDrop Starfield In-Ear Monitors

Overall, the Starfield exhibits a more laid back presentation of the music we are familiar with. Not too much but just enough to give the music we’re familiar with, a new perspective. The music, besides being laid back, has a more lush and delicate approach, with the bass reminding us there’s still some excitement and energy as well.

With the Starfield, I can see myself sitting down in the open porch, a glass of drink to chill, looking into the calm sky or clear night, and let the music plays on endless hours.

It doesn’t get any better than that.

Overall is still a signature high quality of work by MoonDrop.

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Part 2: Sound Quality
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