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Pioneer announces Pioneer Private XDP-20

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Goh Beng Yeow
Goh Beng Yeow
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Pioneer Private XDP-20

Onkyo and Pioneer Marketing Japan today announce the new range of “Private” portable audio player. Priced at JPY 34,000, the new Pioneer branded Private XDP-20 will be on sale from the middle of December.

The new “Private” range of portable audio players features a “round fit” design concept, allowing the devices to be easily carried in bags and pocket as well as easy access by hand. The Private XDP-20 will be available in three colour options, namely Matte White, Metallic Navy Blue and Pearly Pink.

The Private XDP-20 supports native playback of DSD up to 5.6 MHz, playback of MQA sound source using FLAC and is equipped with “Hi-Bit 32 mode” playback, allowing the player to upscale 16 bit / 24 bit sound source to 32 bit.

Supported file formats include DSF / DSDIFF / MQA / FLAC / ALAC / WAV / AIFF / MP3 / AAC and is compatible with upsampling, compressed sound sources such as MP3 and 44.1 kHz CD quality can be converted to 96 kHz / 88.2 kHz or 192 kHz / 176.4 kHz.

The Private XDP-20 runs on a balanced circuit and features twin SABRE “ES9018C2M” DAC and SABER “9601K” high-output amplifiers from ESS. In addition to the internal 16GB storage, the unit can support up to 528GB, with the storage expandable via two microSD cards slots, each supporting up to 256GB.

It will also feature both 2.5 mm 4 pole balanced headphone output and 3.5 mm 4 pole unbalanced headphone output with practical maximum output at  150 mW + 150 mW (Balanced) and 75 mW + 75 mW (Unbalanced) respectively.

The Private XDP-20 will feature a 2.4″ touchscreen with its dimensions measuring 98.2 (H) x 64.5 (W) x 16.0 (D) mm and weighs 125g.

Accessories in the box will include a screen protector and a Micro USB cable.

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