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Ranko Acoustics RIE 880 Unboxing

Ranko Acoustics RIE-880 Unboxing

Following the acquisition of Hong Kong-based Tralucent Audio, Ranko Acoustics began to revamp and reposition its In-Ear Monitors offerings to cater for the masses with the introduction of the RIE-1000 in February this year. August sees the addition of the RIE-880 to the US-based audio brand’s offerings.

Join Beng Yeow to find out more as he unboxes the Ranko Acoustic RIE-880.

0:00​​​ Intro
0:26 About the Ranko Acoustics
0:50 Comparison of RIE-880 and RIE-1000
2:42 Unboxing proper starting with the unsealing of the package
4:20​​​ Laying out what’s in the box
6:46 Like, subscribe, set the notification bell and​ outro



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