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RHA refreshes T20 with wireless variant


British audio brand RHA unveils the T20 Wireless, a combination of its highly acclaimed T20i with Bluetooth. The T20 Wireless features the same wireless implementation that appears in the company’s CL Series, connected by a neckband which offers 12 hours battery life on a single charge, aptX and a universal remote which allows users to toggle between music, calls and voice assistant functions at the touch of a button. Rated at IPX4, the T20 Wireless is expected to withstand day to day encounters with perspiration, light rain and the like.

“Recreating the DualCoil driver which was designed to work as efficiently as possible, without the need for more technical equipment, such as an external amplifier was a humbling experience.”, shared Kyle Hutchison, RHA’s Director of Product.

The housing on the T20 Wireless is redesigned to feature magnetic housings that join together while resting around the neck whilst retaining the distinctive, ergonomic shape as well as the sound signature of the T20 series.

Similar to its wired variants, the company included three tuning filters which are designed to alter the sound signature to suit the one’s personal taste as well as the genre of music being played.

The T20 Wireless comes preinstalled with the Reference filter which is designed to provide a balanced and crisp sound signature suiting to the taste of most audiophiles. If drum and bass, metal or rock is on the playlist, one could enhance the experience with the Bass filter while Jazz is great through the Treble filters.

The company also included a 3.5mm Steel-reinforced 3.5mm MMCX OFC cable for days which one would like to bump up the sound quality. Rated with a frequency range of 16Hz to 40 kHz, the T20 Wireless is certified to deliver Hi-Res Audio via the wired connection.

Priced at USD 249.95 /  GBP 199.95, the RHA T20 Wireless headphones are available in the US and UK. Price and availability in Singapore are to be confirmed.


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