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SendyAudio introduces Aiva Planar Magnetic Headphones and Aiya Planar Magnetic In-Ear Monitors


SendyAudio introduced its high-end Black Beauty series at the 5th China Guangzhou International Headphone Expo. The series comprises of planar magnetic headphones named Aiva; and planar magnetic In-Ear Monitors named Aiya. Adopting a unique wooden enclosure design, the company draws upon its 15 years of expertise and experience as OEM manufacturer to create the series which itself underwent 2 years of research and development.

SendyAudio Press Conference

Previously known as SendiyAudio, the company took the opportunity offer insights of its decision to rename itself as SendyAudio in August this year, a process which also sees the introduction of a new logo.

Based on the red-crowned crane as its design element coupled with the styling of the Chinese brush, the new SendyAudio logo evokes the company’s philosophy of honesty and integrity while exhibiting its ingenuity and vibrancy.


Weighing in at 450g, the Aiva’s housing is made of zebra wood and features a planar magnetic diaphragm driver measuring 97 x 76mm as well as a unique dustproof grill system design inspired by clouds which provides for driver protection and enables the headphones to achieve good transient and dynamic response as well as balance across frequencies for a pleasant listening experience.

Aesthetically, the clouds inspired dustproof grill system also provides a unique and stylish look to the headphones, complementing Aiva’s use of zebra wood housing and metal alloys.

Aiva has a frequency response range is 20-40 kHz, the sensitivity is 96dB and an impedance is 32Ω.


With its housing mainly made of ebony to ensure excellent sound quality and timbre expression, the Aiya In-Ear Monitors feature a 21mm diaphragm with a top steel dustproof grill system which is made using a number of precision machining techniques, where the holes are accurately positioned to facilitate the excellent acoustic parameters of the sound chamber.

According to Sendyaudio, the 21mm diaphragm used on the Aiya is the smallest possible to achieve an excellent acoustic experience for a wooden housing, any smaller and it will compromise the sound quality.

Aiya has a frequency response range of 5-55 kHz, sensitivity of 116 dB, an impedance of 20Ω, and weight in at just 27g.

During the press announcement, Mr. Wang Kaijun, co-founder of SendyAudio, shared insights into the design and development of these two products. Through his sharing with a detailed video of the manufacturing process, we can identify the passion and the efforts of the team in the development of the series.

Prior to the development of the Black Beauty series, the company was one of the tier-1 manufacturers for metallic CNC production, and for the development of the series, it has opened a new production line for wooden CNC production, and what is technologically not possible by machine is done by hand using the most advanced solid wood carving technology.  As a result, the whole manufacturing process of the Black Beauty series is one that is very time-consuming.

Addressing the concerns of wooden housing cracking, Mr. Wang shared that in order to ensure the quality of solid wood for use throughout its lifetime, the wooden housing is treated using a unique oil formula which they developed in-house. The housing is treated for three times with each process involving 48 hours of immersion and 24 hours of drying.

Both the Aiva and Aiya will be limited to 99 sets worldwide and will be available from the 19th of September, priced at CNY 3,990 and CNY 3,210 respectively.



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