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Sennheiser adds IE 200 to its audiophile In-Ear line-up

Sennheiser IE 200

Sennheiser has added a new member to its audiophile In-Ear line-up, the IE 200.

The newest member shares considerable DNA with its renowned siblings, most notably the 7 mm extra-wide band transducer based on the brand’s 15-year-old TrueResponse Transducer technology, allowing the latest addition to continue bringing superbly balanced and realistic audio in an ultra-compact form factor.

Image credit: Sennheiser

According to Sennheiser, the IE 200 has a natural frequency response curve typically found in earphones costing significantly more and boasting almost non-existent harmonic distortion. In addition, the In-Ears has a dual-tuning feature that allows users to adjust the balance of their audio experience by mounting the included ear adapters in one of two positions. The package comprises multiple sizes of viscoelastic foam and silicone ear adapters and is bundled with a new braided cable terminated with a 3.5 mm stereo plug and a carrying pouch.

The Sennheiser IE 200 will be available for pre-order globally on January 6, 2023, and will go on sale from January 31, 2023, or later, depending on markets, with an MSRP of EUR 149.90 / SGD 219 / USD 149.99.



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