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Sennheiser IE 900 Unboxing

Sennheiser IE 900 Unboxing

In January 2021, Sennheiser began to revitalise its audiophile line of In-Ear Monitors with the introduction of the IE 300. On the 11th of May, the German audio brand unveils its new Flagship of the Audiophile line.

Join Beng Yeow to find out more as he unboxes the Sennheiser IE 900.

0:00​​​ Intro
0:42 About the Sennheiser IE 900
2:56 Like, subscribe, set the notification bell
3:11​ Unboxing proper starting with the external sleeve
4:35​​​ Laying out what’s in the box
6:27​​​​ Outro



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