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Established in 2015, SIMGOT is a relatively new brand coming out of China. We are in a boom period for personal audio where there is a significant increase in offerings not only from traditional players but also new players like SIMGOT.

The SIMGOT EN700 Pro is not introduced to replace the other models in the EN700 series. At the time of this review, the EN700 Bass remains available at the company’s website as well as authorised resellers.

The Pro

Marked as the ending chapter of the EN700 series, the EN700 Pro is the TOTL offering for the EN700 series. SIMGOT has retained the same look and feel, maintaining a sense of consistency and familiarity for the EN700 Pro while at the same time retaining the same N50 dynamic driver as the EN700 Bass featuring the polymer composite titanium diaphragm coupled with N50 strong magnetic loop.

The EN700 Pro is available in the same colours offered on the EN700 Bass namely black, blue, grey and red. Exclusively available to the EN700 Pro is the two colour combination of red/blue as well as red/black, which means you will receive a red for your right and a blue for your left if you choose the red/blue combination and a red for your right and a black for your left if you choose the red/black combination. SIMGOT has also retained the rose gold accent around the outer rim of the faceplate previously found the EN700 and the EN700 Bass.

The detachable cable is probably the most anticipated feature of the EN700 Pro, SIMGOT chose to move on from the matching coloured cable which was implemented on the EN700 Bass, implementing the popular 0.78mm 2-pin standard and fitting it with 6N OCC SPC (Silver Plated Copper) 8-core braided cable finished in 400D DuPont KEVLAR fibre. For those of you who are wondering what is 6N OCC, you may want to check out our earlier commentary on Verisimilitude of Earphone Cable.

The new 6N OCC SPC 8-core braided cable is the SIMGOT’s most premium choice of cable for the EN700 series, the implemented 8-core interweave ensured a thicker and bulkier cable, finished in gold and white in transparent 400D DuPont KEVLAR fibre, it is a cable that exhibits class and fitting for the EN700 Pro billing.


When I first received the EN700 Pro, my first impression was a positive one, the black sleeve features Spot UV Varnish at the front detailing an illustration of the EN700 Pro with a Hi-Res Audio logo affixed at the top left-hand corner, depicting that the EN700 Pro conforms to the “Hi-Resolution Audio” standard defined by Japan Audio Society.

Removing the sleeve, you will be greeted by the symbolic Suzaku, for those of you who are new to the SIMGOT EN700 series, Suzaku is the codename for the original EN700 and remained so for the whole series. Uncovering the box, you will be greeted by a familiar layout that is consistent throughout the EN700 series with the In-Ear Monitors sitting on top of the cut-out with the magnetic leather flip pouch at the bottom. With the use of detachable cable, the cable is now placed below the cut-out, allowing the two In-Ear Monitors to feature like ornaments of art on their own.

Found in the magnetic leather flip pouch is a small cleaning brush and six pairs of silicone ear-tips in two sets which SIMGOT has been using to offer different dimensions of its sound signature, below is a summary of my impressions with the tips, more details will be available when I discuss the sound quality;

Eartip I: This set of ear-tips features higher clarity, and resolution, providing lesser bass presence.

Eartip II: This set of ear-tips features enhanced bass, and higher depth, providing a more neutral experience with a notably higher bass experience with a compromise on resolution.

The magnetic leather flip pouch provided though made of PU leather is of good quality, comfortably fitting the EN700 Pro and the flip closes magnetically.

The shell for the EN700 Pro In-Ear Monitors is crafted from a single piece of aircraft grade aluminium using a 5-axis CNC engraving and milling machine, and is part of an all-metal body featuring a top quality paint job and a grille-inspired faceplate which provided the unique aesthetics that has been integral to the success of the EN700 series.

SIMGOT’s implementation of detachable cable for the EN700 Pro allowed it not only to retain the iconic design of the EN700 Pro but also go into details such as the rose gold ring around the 0.78mm 2-pin connector as well as the shape of the connector which when attached exhibits consistency of the look and feel with the rest of the EN700 series. Such attention to details is assuring as it tells us that the product design team at SIMGOT has its heart in the right places.

Sound Quality

Like the EN700 and EN700 Bass, the EN700 Pro features a single dynamic driver design, in fact, it uses the same N50 driver as the EN700 Bass with no changes to the chamber. The subtle tuning adjustments by SIMGOT and the pairing with the new 6N OCC SPC 8-core braided cable are the key to the sonic differences between the EN700 Bass and the EN700 Pro and it is evident that SIMGOT unleashed the potential of the N50 driver with the Pro.

It is a personal practice of mine to burn-in new earphones for at least 200 hours but I have recently increased it to 250 hours and have observed differences after 250 hours particularly for single dynamic driver designs. The SIMGOT EN700 Pro is one of them.

The EN700 Pro retains the core sound signature of the series, warm sounding with an analytical sound signature where treble is boosted, mids and bass recessed with very natural tonality. Earlier, I posted a summary of my impressions on the two different dimensions of its sound signature made possible by the two sets of ear-tips provided by SIMGOT as standard accessories in the EN700 Pro box.

Eartip I is a set of ear-tips which features higher clarity, and resolution, providing lesser bass presence ensuring a balanced experience, while Eartip II is a set of ear-tips which features enhanced bass, and higher depth, providing a more neutral experience with a notably higher bass experience with a compromise on resolution.

While it is common knowledge that changing the ear-tips influences the outputs of In-Ear Monitors, SIMGOT has evidently done a good job in the provision of two different sets of ear-tips offering two distinct dimensions of its sound signature. Being someone who embraces clarity and details, my default choice has always been Eartip I, I do however find myself reaching out to Eartip II when I feel I want something different for the day and yes in a way, this does enhance to the experience.

For the purpose of this review, I will be using Eartip I as it is, in my opinion, the set that provides the dimension which closely portrays the intended sound signature of the EN700 series. It is evident that the new 6N OCC SPC 8-core braided cable coupled with the subtle tuning of the N50 driver has brought the EN700 series to another level. Offering a more precise sound imaging and experience with clarity.

Running through the track “Hotel California” by Eagles (DSD 2.8MHz), one of the most popular tracks for just every earphone test especially when testing tonal separation, the shaker at the right channel during the intro of the track was played out so clearly even for the soft notes which are often overshadowed, treble is energetic, lively with a little sparkle. While the bass is not amongst the best in the market, it is impactful, punchy and organic, offering a slightly bloated bass experience even on Eartip I. The EN700 Pro is probably the most detailed model in the EN700 series, however there remains a lack of definition and dynamism, as such, similar to the EN700 and EN700 Bass, the low-end isn’t clearly isn’t a strength of the EN700 Pro. Treble is forward sounding with a bit of sparkle where its frequencies are defined with great clarity, strings are especially well portrayed during Joe Walsh’s majestic guitar solo due to its clarity.

It is evident that SIMGOT’s tuning focus is on the mid-range, when listening to the track “Vincent” by Joanna Wang (DSD 2.8MHz), the EN700 Pro sounded natural, clean with great clarity exhibiting just enough definition that is easy to the ears, so much so that it seems like the tuning has placed a focus on voices while the instruments organically separated. While the EN700 Pro delivers an organic experience filled with balance and clarity, it is hardly the most resolving earphones around with a lack of resolution. The EN700 Pro’s organic tonality has made it suitable for listening to both male and female vocals and is balanced relative to the bass and treble achieving coherence.

Given its warm tonality, the layering and separation of the EN700 Pro are above average, attributable to cleaner top-end and higher clarity. The soundstage has an incredible depth but its width is only slightly above average but it is still able to provide for accurate positioning of instruments and vocals.

Review Ratings
9.3 / 10 Reviewer
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- One of the best build at its price point
- Comfortable
- Extreme value in terms price-performance ratio
- Lacking in low-end dynamism
- Lacking in dynamic resolution
Throughout the EN700 series, it is not difficult to witness SIMGOT’s progress as a manufacturer. While it is not a complete overhaul, the EN700 Pro addresses some of the shortcomings of the two earlier releases in the series. Like any great trilogy, the EN700 being SIMGOT’s first In-Ear Monitors made a lasting impression with its 10mm single dynamic driver implementation, which debuted at under USD 100 in 2016. The company then upped the stakes earlier this year with the EN700 Bass, using a new N50 dynamic driver to address the low-end inadequacies of the original while retaining the eye-catching aesthetics. The third and final EN700 Pro changes the way one experience the EN700 series with the implementation of the 0.78mm 2-pin standard featuring 6N OCC SPC 8-core braided cable while faithfully retaining the core sound signature of the EN700 series which many have since embraced.

At its current price point, SIMGOT probably makes one the best-built IEMs today. The EN700 Pro is the final chapter of SIMGOT’s first attempt to provide a balance between aesthetics, price and technicalities to the market and I think this time they have risen the bar significantly.
Sound Quality8.5
Build Quality10
Design & Usability9
Value for Money9.5

This review unit is provided by Shenzhen SIMGOT Tech Co., Ltd.

Associated Equipments

  • Astell&Kern A&ultima SP1000
  • Lotoo PAW 5000 MKII

Product Specifications

  • Transducer unit: N50 high magnetic composite moving-coil driver
  • Diaphragm: Polymer composite titanium-plated diaphragm
  • Frequency response: 15Hz-40kHz
  • Sensitivity: ≥101dB(at 1KHz)
  • Impedance: 16Ω
  • Distortion: <1% 101dB(20μpa)
  • Channel imbalance: <1.5dB(at 1000Hz)
  • Rated power: 10mW
  • Cable: 6N OCC SPC 8-core braided cable with 3.5mm single-ended termination
  • Price: USD 149.99 (SGD 199.99)
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