Sound Quality

Supporting a full range of frequency response from 3 Hz to 100 kHz, while this is not as impressive as the 4 Hz to 120 kHz frequency response of the MDR-Z1R it still exceeds the maximum audible frequency of 20 kHz by five times.

Sony MDR-1AM2 Closed-back Headphones with NW-WM1Z

The MDR-1AM2 possess a warm and balanced sound signature, which is synonymous to Sony.

At the low-end, the MDR-1AM2 is dynamic and energetic, not overly heavy with just the right amount of details to keep it in balance with the mid-range and high-end. While it isn’t the most detailed low-end one could experience, its clarity and coherence is something one would appreciate.

Rich and detailed, the mid-range of the MDR-1AM2 is another class act of balance, possibly where the headphone truly shines. Smooth and refined, vocals and strings are particularly enjoyable, sparkling details fills the mid-range bringing coherence to fidelity. Possibly best of its class at this price point.

If anything, the high-end is the least impressive on the MDR-1AM2. While the MDR-1AM2 is able to hit every high note, it pales against the richness of the mid-range, showing signs of too much control resulting in an unnatural treble experience. One which made it out of place against a balanced low-end and mid-range.

The sound stage of the MDR-1AM2 is one that is rather intimate, with a balance of proportion in relations to placement and depth, allowing instruments and vocals to be properly placed with confidence. Much aided by a balanced low-end, such imaging is rare for a headphone at this price point.

Part 1: Introduction, Design and Build
Part 2: Usability
Part 3: Sound Quality
Part 4: Product Specifications
Part 5: Review Ratings, Summary


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