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Tokyo Headphone Festival 2019 Autumn Report



AROMA Audio Thunder

AROMA Audio announced Thunder | 乾 during the Tokyo Headphone Festival 2019 Autumn.

According to Fai Tsang of AROMA, Thunder is a showcase of the company’s capability particularly in the area of hybrid In-Ear Monitors (IEMs) development. Featuring a design configuration comprising of a single AROMA Dynamic Driver, 10 Balanced Armature Drivers with a 4-way crossover.

“Since I started working on IEMs, I have always wanted to create a product which replicates the output of Hi-Fi Speakers, and I believe, we have done it with Thunder.”, shared Fai Tsang.

Thunder features a pure copper trap design to aid the reproduction of the low-end effect which previously could only be achievable on Hi-Fi Speakers, coupled with a semi-open shell design which allows a wide sound stage through venting airflow.

The AROMA Thunder will feature two sound signatures Hormany and Focus and is expected to be available in early 2020.

Product Specifications

Driver: 1 Dynamic Driver
10 Balanced Armature Drivers
(1 Low, 4 Low/Mid, 4 Mid/High, 2 Ultra High)
Frequency Response: 10Hz – 22kHz
Crossover: 4-Way
Impedance: 17Ω@1kHz
Sensitivity: 108dB SPL 1mW
Sound Insulation Effect: 26dB
Sound Signatures: Two (Switchable)
– Hormany
– Focus


    • Hi Ing Kian, the two are very different IEMs which differs very much in Sound Signatures, without knowledge of your listening preference. It is very hard to cite which is better. The IER-Z1R is my go-to IEM if I would like an IEM which I can use as a reference while the Terminator is good, it is more of a HiFi sounding and not in the Flagship league as yet, however, my experience with the Terminator is that the performance can be further scaled with upgrade cables. I hope I have given you some insights.


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