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Tokyo Headphone Festival 2019 Autumn Report


Effect Audio

Effect Audio offered a sneak preview to the company’s latest Flagship cable, Code 51.  Code 51 (read as five-one) marks a milestone of ten years of research and innovation in cable technology and material science.

Continuing their consistent selection of premium UP-OCC (Ultra-Purity Ohno Continuous Cast) materials, the new Flagship cable features a unique hybrid combination of three advanced and exclusive core elements: Gold Plated Silver, Silver-Gold Alloy and Palladium Plated Silver, a product made possible by the synergy of finest materials and cutting-edge technologies.

According to Suyang of Effect Audio, the adoption of 24AWG wires against the norm of 26AWG is attributed to the company’s recent study of the materials for Code 51, where a 30% increase in the diameter of the wires can provide a boost of up to 80% in sound quality.

The designers also designed a Titanium-crafted Y-split for Code 51, adding a futuristic image of the new flagship cable. In terms of aesthetics, the sculptured design features an asymmetrical appearance with bevelled lateral parts, that shimmers with an ever-changing array of reflections when exposed to light.

In-line with the futuristic image of Code 51, the company has also updated its product displays and presentation with a futuristic and minimalist look.

Product Specifications

Gauge Size:  24AWG
Material Grade: Selected Premium UP-OCC Material
Materials: Gold Plated Silver / Silver Gold Alloy / Palladium Plated Silver Hybrid
Cable Design: Golden Ratio Dispersion Multi-sized and Multi-Bundle Stranded, Individually Enamelled Strands
Y-splitter: Exquisite Titanium Y-splitter
Insulation: EA UltraFlexi Insulation


    • Hi Ing Kian, the two are very different IEMs which differs very much in Sound Signatures, without knowledge of your listening preference. It is very hard to cite which is better. The IER-Z1R is my go-to IEM if I would like an IEM which I can use as a reference while the Terminator is good, it is more of a HiFi sounding and not in the Flagship league as yet, however, my experience with the Terminator is that the performance can be further scaled with upgrade cables. I hope I have given you some insights.

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