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Vision Ears EVE20 Review


Sound Quality

With a sound pressure level (SPL) at 120.5 dB and an impedance of 25 Ω, the EVE20 is a highly sensitive pair of IEMs and can be adequately powered using smartphones. However, due to its high sensitivity, a clean source is recommended.

I have in the past one week which I have spent with the EVE20, pair it with several DAPs, not limited to FiiO M15, Lotoo Paw Gold Touch, and Sony NW-WM1Z. The EVE20 generally pairs well with most of the DAPs. However, it has to be said that the most time was spent on Sony.

The team at Vision Ears have this to say about the sound signature of the EVE20:

Generally the sound is more comparable to the VE8 than to the VE6. It is very balanced, with a deep but tight bass, very natural and emphasized mids and very good structured and clear highs. All in all a very dynamic and musical earphone with stunning overall clarity.

From the low-end to the high-end, the EVE20 is coherent across the spectrum of frequencies and very musical. At the first listen, one would probably be left with good impressions of the low-end and the high-end, both are where the EVE20 shines.

VE EVE20 In-Ear Monitors

Perhaps one of the most natural-sounding low-end that I have heard from a pair of BA drivers. Dynamic, clean, and transparent with depth in the sub-bass presentation, the bass is full-bodied and tight with the right amount of impact, decay, and extension, providing for an engaging yet realistic bass experience complete with rumble.

The high-end from another pair of BA drivers match the performance of the low-end point for point. Transparent with lots of energy, one would experience a full-bodied treble that is dynamic and detailed with definitive layering. The EVE20 provides natural and musical treble experience with just the right amount of extensions.

If someone were to ask me whether there was anything I wish the EVE20 could do better, it has to be the mid-range. While the natural-sounding mid-range is portraying characteristics of dynamism, transparency, and musicality, the rise from 1 kHz to 2 kHz could be boosted a bit more to match the low-end and high-end point for point. Overall, the EVE20 does have an impressive mid-range, one which exhibits richness, presence, and tonality. It is just that it has somehow failed to match the benchmark set by the low-end and the high-end.

The EVE20 has a relatively wide sound stage which is airy and spacious with significant depth. At the same time, it is not wide enough to provide listeners with a concert hall like experience; it suffices for accurate imaging of instruments and vocals.

Pairing with Effect Audio Maestro

As an authorised reseller of VE, Space by Effect Audio is giving away an Effect Audio Maestro from the Vogue Series during the introductory sale of the EVE20. Evolved from Effect Audio Ares II, the Effect Audio Maestro is positioned as an upgrade cable for stock cables. When paired with the EVE20, Effect Audio Maestro adds warmth to the sound signature, increasing the quality of the already impressive low-end with improvements to the micro details retrieval and the general harmonics while retaining the general character of the signature.

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