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xMEMS Accelerates Global Growth with Launch of xMEMS Live – China 2023 Seminar Series


xMEMS Labs has announced the launch of xMEMS Live – China 2023, a two-day seminar aimed at demonstrating the company’s ongoing support for Chinese consumer tech and audio brands through product demos, keynotes and in-depth tech-talk presentations that will take place on September 18th at the Renaissance Caohejing Hotel in Shanghai and on September 20th at the Westin Nanshan in Shenzhen.

The announcement comes when xMEMS is accelerating its global expansion to provide a growing customer base with advanced solid-state MEMS speakers for integration into True Wireless Stereo (TWS), In-Ear Monitors (IEMs), hearing assistance and other personal audio devices. The seminar will feature xMEMS’ executives and engineering leaders who will review best practices for achieving end-product design success with xMEMS’ ground-breaking Solid-State Fidelity Solutions.

xMEMS Montara Plus
Image credit: xMEMS

xMEMS’ patented silicon-based speaker technology is slated to replace century-old coil speakers, allowing for high-volume, reliable mass production of solid-state speakers using semiconductor fabrication methods, resulting in more precise, higher fidelity, high-resolution audio. Unlike conventional coil speakers, xMEMS speakers are monolithic with silicon membranes offering 95x better material stiffness, improving clarity and eliminating the muddy midrange and treble response created by traditional speaker membrane materials.

The silicon architecture also operates with a 150x faster impulse response than conventional speakers to allow for the most pulse-true and accurate sound reproduction, which is impossible with the slow attack and decay of coil architectures.

Following its first product collaboration with Creative Technologies, an audio manufacturer in Singapore, xMEMS continues accelerating customer momentum in key global markets. New customer announcements are slated for later this year.



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